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You, the one who come

I got one lesson, love honestly and it will come back to you, that’s all…


I never expected it to turn out like this

for you loving me back, but i’m grateful for that…


watching you from a far already enough for me

seeing you smile and happy with the one you love

well, actually i’ve prepare myself to move on

on that new year eve..


but then you show me that i shouldn’t give up

that i should wait  a little more? I don’t know…

I’m happy, you make me happy

then you asked me ‘the question’


Hey, I love you too, Yraell… ❤





I'm just a girl that have an active imagination about love, hope and friendship. Miracle can happens as long as you believe and have faith. I like writing and i want to be a writer. Currently, i'm an author on you can check my story on that site. So, wants to know about me more? be my friend ;)

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